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Professional Relocations - Domestic - Offices - Industrial - Light Haulage - Student Moves - Single Items

Operating from Leicester to anywhere in within 500 miles, we offer a friendly, high-quality removals service. If you need to move house, or large items fast, we're really haul you need!

Phone, text or email us your needs, and we will arrange an exceptional service for you. At less than half the cost of the less helpful, more 'traditional' companies.

Specialists in large or small house removals, flats, office moves, student moves, large ebay, industrial, IKEA, furniture or garden items, whenever you need us to. 9 years of experience, thousands of happy customers! See our google reviews for proof of our remarkable service.

Unlike most removals companies, including some of the household names, we'll go the extra mile to disconnect and refit your washing machine, and carefully dismantle or re-assemble wardrobes, beds and anything else that needs it. We have blankets, straps and all the right tools. We don't mind working late to get the job done.

Two vans, two options: For smaller local moves up to three bedroom houses, we recommend the large LWB panel van @ £35 per hour for one friendly, capable man and van, £45 per hour for two experts. For Larger moves above three beds, or two+bed houses in one load up to 500 miles, our extra large Luton van is available at £50/hr for two men. Three man team also available for the larger moves. Using our two vans, we can move three bed houses long distance in one trip.

Our charges are for the time spent with you, plus the time for travel to/from the job, you only pay for what you use. We can give a fixed price if you prefer. No job too big or too small. Long runs are +fuel. On average, two-bed properties with all contents range between £200-£250, three-bed houses between £300-£400, four-beds £350 upwards. A single sofa moved locally might be as little as £35.

Our panel van is large, long wheelbased and high topped, 13 cubic metres capacity. Luton vans average 19 cubic metres, but mine is extra long and wide, = 23.5 cubic metres, with a tail lift for pianos, motorbikes or exra heavy items. With proper blanketing to protect loads, and ratchet straps to secure them to proper tether points, you can be sure of careful transit of everything.

2-3 loads in my large van is enough for most three or four bed houses. Or one load is enough for most one or two bed flats. The Luton van will move 8 out of 10 three bed houses in one load. You don't need the massive removals truck - they are rarely even 1/4 full and you pay vast sums for the privilege. Whether it is moves with multiple loads up to 20 miles, or three-bed houses up to 500 miles, we are way, way cheaper and provide a much better and more complete service than the bigger names in the business! We are intelligent, skilled technicians, not amateurish chancers.

We also ensure we are fit and strong and won't turn up with a part-timer's wobbly beer-gut making you worried we'll have a heart attack halfway through the day!

Beware of cowboys with no customer feedback offering £15/hr removals. It is an unrealistic price just to get you interested. A big van costs about £10 per hour to run, and removals is skilled hard work if you don't break things. These part-time man and vans will add hidden charges at the end, if they even turn up on the day, or appear at the other end with all your precious belongings!

A recent study showed a day of removals is equivalent to playing 2x90 min football matches. Haul-You-Need Removals have strength and stamina, we take pride in our work and our communication skills and won't let you down.

No waste removals, please!

0779 237 1159 haul_you_need@yahoo.co.uk