Haul-You-Need Removals - Leicester

Haul-You-Need Removals - Leicester

Haul-You-Need Removals is a high quality, professional removals service. We are very capable, hardworking and friendly.

We skillfully move full houses, flats or offices for you, and transport large furniture/ebay/office items, whenever you need us to. Thirteen years experience, considerate communication skills, thousands of happy customers, gives us much repeat custom. Read our reviews, believe the good news!

Full Houses - Flats - Offices - Industrial Items - Students - Pianos - Ebay items - Long Distance - Europe - skilled flatpack assembly.

About Us

For an unbeatable, careful, customer-focused service at less than half the excessive prices of the generic big firms, look no further! Based in Leicester, we move large or small houses anywhere up to 1000 miles, and everywhere in between. Haul-You-Need Removals always get the job done properly. We are skilled technicians who care about what we do!

We'll go the extra mile to disconnect your washing machine, and carefully dismantle and re-assemble your wardrobes, beds or anything that needs it. Also flat pack assembly from scratch faster than most Ikea technicians can do it. We have blankets, straps and all the tools to ensure safe transit of your precious belongings. We don't mind working late to get the job done.

Haul-You-Need's mission is to provide the same or better quality of service as the big companies that charge £1500 minimum for a local three bed house move, at around half that excessive cost.

We are a professional removals company. Ignore the amateur 'man and van' offering £15/£20 per hour removals. This is a lie to get your attention. It costs about £15/hr just to run a large van, and this is a very hard job that most people don't want to do, requiring skill and care to do it properly. Many of these amateurs haven't a clue how to pack a van, and will quote low to sucker you in. But once all your stuff is bundled onto the van, and they realise how hard they are having to work, they will increase the price to a more realistic level. Not very honest. And who are you to argue when you want your precious stuff back?

With some of the clueless 'man and van' cowboys with no company name, you'll be lucky if they turn up at all, or with your belongings at the other end! Frequently we rescue stressed people who have been let down by amateurs on moving day. Don't make that mistake! If you want your belongings not to be damaged by being thrown carelessly into the back of a grubby old van, ignore these too-cheap companies who aren't transparent about their prices. There is a reason they have no online reviews - they are probably as rubbish as your furniture will look after they've moved it!

Use us, and you won't be disappointed.


We have clean extra large 24.5 cubic metre volume Ford Transit Luton vans, with 500kg tail lifts. And an lwb high-top Sprinter for smaller moves. Average sized luton vans are 19-20 cubic metres. In our 24.5m3 lutons, many 3 bed houses go in one load. You don't need the massive removals truck - they are rarely even 1/3rd full and charge ridiculously excessive sums for the privilage. For moves with multiple loads up to 25 miles, or single or twin van loads up to 1000 miles, we are way, way less expensive, and provide a fuller, more personal service than the bigger names in the business! Using our vans, we can move up to five bed houses long distance anywhere within 1000 miles in one go, and seven out of ten three bed houses in one van in one run. We also provide a handyman service if needed.

For small local moves two hours or less, or large items, we are £45 per hour for one man, if you want to carefully help us lift the heavy items. But we recommend using our £55 per hour option, for an expert two-man team to come and do it all for you. This includes our travel time to/from the job and fuel. Typically a one bed flat moved locally will cost between £100-£180, for example. A single sofa may be as little as £40.

For average local two / three bedroomed houses with all contents, we charge a day rate of £500 + fuel and travel time. This covers up to eight hours. Time thereafter is charged at £55/hr. Most moves are completed within eight hours. Usually only key waits or lots of dismantling make it longer. For very full three bedroomed, or typical four/five bedroom properties, we usually use three skilled men and the rate of £700 for up to eight hours, £70/hr thereafter. Longer distance moves obviously incur extra costs and are priced individually.

Because every move is unique, it is always best to ring us direct for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements, so we can give you an estimate. Occasionally people have way more, and sometimes way less than the average! For an initial enquiry and quick approximate estimate, simply text us the two postcodes and an approximate inventory of items. Estimates range mainly depending on how much you have, how much dismantling/reassembly is needed, how many floors up, and how close we can get the van to the items. The better packed and prepared you are, the quicker our job is. For exceptionally large amounts, where bedroom numbers don't indicate the extent, we may bring three or four crew and two vans. These moves will be given an estimate after a proper discussion of your requirements.

We make sure we are fit and strong and won't start wheezing, with a part-timer's wobbly beer-gut, making you worried we'll have a heart attack halfway through the day. One study found that a day of removals is equivalent to playing 2 x 90 min football matches. Haul-You-Need is a team with the necessary strength, stamina and skill. We take pride in our work and our communication skills, and we'll move you with reassuring confidence. See our reviews online, we don't get those or our reputation by accident, but by conscientious hard work and great service! Give us a call on 07792371159 today to discuss your requirements.

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To receive an estimate via text, please send us...

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An approximate inventory of items

The desired date of the move

(Optional) Whatsapp videos walking around the property, explaining what needs to be moved, really help us to estimate also

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